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Artificial tall plants

A high quality, very realistic indoor artificial tree for home or office use.

Product Description
With a blend of faux greenery that creates a tropical look, this tall topiary will bring cool, casual style into any space. Try placing this piece in an empty corner of any room for added depth and texture, or use a pair of them to frame your front door to give your entryway an open, welcoming look. Order yours today.

Made of durable synthetic materials for years of lasting beauty. Meticulously crafted to create realistic, lifelike beauty.
Products can be according to your specific requirements (height, color, and the diameter of the crown of a tree trunk, leaves dense degree, etc.) to make or order.


Outdoor 8 m thick fiberglass rod simulation date palms, well-proportioned, elegant, beautiful!
Large outdoor 10 m FRP rod simulation date palms, tall and straight, generous and beautiful!
Outdoor 6 m FRP rod simulation date palms hotel door combination, dignified, elegant, generous, beautiful!
Outdoor 6 m FRP rod simulation date palms combinations, Spa Playground hotel special, and create a harmonious, warm, romantic atmosphere!
Outdoor street 7 m glass steel combination simulation date palms, thick rods, large leaves, healthy and beautiful!

Artificial Plants
Artificial Tall Plants

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