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Recently many customers rush to the garden retail or supermarkets searching for privacy fence panels. The cold harsh winder destroys most of their fencing plants giving them no space for private life.
 Their sourcing specialist thought artificial plants would be a better replacement for living fence screen plants so they go ahead finding us on line and discuss about possible solutions and products perfect for this situation. We recommend our hot item-artificial hedging panels. Here, Let us give you a brief introduction to it. Artificial hedges are made with PE and can be engineered with UV-proof for long outdoor stay. They require no maintenance and keeps green all year-round. What鈥檚 more, they are easy to assemble and install so it鈥檚 easy for customers aftersale. Last but not least, they withstand harsh weathers and as we are factory-direct, this products is very profitable and necessary for those retail stores. Check its installed effect in winter:
We manufacturing different colors and different leaves varieties on this hedging panels. We even have double color hedges like the picture shown below:
The winter plants withered and gone yellow but these ever-green leaves will make your winter greener and prettier.
Any interests or business cooperation, welcome to contact us by
or visit our website here: to find out more product varieties.
  The release date:2018/2/7 10:18:28

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