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  In the modern home & garden decoration, many of my friends will find the artificial plants wall has become one of the trend of interior decoration, every designer will get many inspirations on the artificial plants wall to make your living or working places much closer to life or to nature.
  Obviously, the reason why designers use artificial plants is that large-scale artificial plant walls are made up of different plants which are not as good as single-potted plants which needs occasionally to be  moved to the sun shine. Plant walls are not the same, and different plants have different growth requirements so many indoor living plants are more difficult to care. There is huge cost on nursery and maintaining the natural plant wall and it鈥檚 fragile and will wither when temperature or air changes.
  High simulation plant wall advantages:
  The real plant wall requires sufficient oxygen and humidity to maintain the growth of the organism. The artificial plants wall is completely independent of the growing conditions of the plant wall. It is a very subjective type of plant wall manufactured according to the requirements of customers.
  Generally, the plants wall can be simulated divided into two kinds of outdoor and indoor walls, whether indoors or outdoors artificial plant wall, we don鈥檛 have to consider its sunshine, moisture supply and maintain management, fertilization which are easy to change to cause natural plants fast death.
  Scope of application of Artificial vertical garden:
  The coverage of green wall is also very broad It can be used in villas, roads, bars and other three-dimensional walls and fences. On the one hand, to hide bare concrete, stone, glass walls and sunshade insulation. On the other hand, it presents a dynamic three-dimensional shape improving visual effects and beautifies the environment.
  With the current development of science and technology, peoples living standards improve, peoples sensory appetite is more and more enriched. People satisfy their own landscape desires, but also do not forget to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Green wall and building energy-saving test results show that: green building temperature of the outer surface of up to 50 degrees, while green building wall temperature of 27 degrees. It was determined by the plants where shade, the light intensity is only direct sunlight. A few tenths to one percent makes both solar radiation intensity and temperature lower at the same time. The temperature of wall coverings usually covered by plants can usually be reduced by 2-7 degrees. Buildings with green walls of the building indoor air temperature is about 3 ~ 5 degrees lower than normal indoors. Cooling effect is obvious.
  At the same time, high simulation plant wall also has UV protection function, the general plants wall life of up to 3 years, if it is indoors, time will be longer. 
  Can鈥檛 wait to get a bespoke green wall for your building or indoor wall covering. Let鈥檚 talk. We are totally factory-direct wholesale and supplier.
  The release date:2018/1/31 10:56:36

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