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With the widely application of artificial hedge plants, landscape balls are also becoming popular. Different from artificial hedges plants, the artificial topiary balls have greater flexibility when decorating.
Here I would like to introduce the landscape balls for your reference, below are some decorating effects from our clients :
The one is outdoor topiary in gardening decoration where you could also choose to put the outdoor topiary on the basket or in pot. The different size landscape balls looks very cute as well. If you and your friends or family take a rest in the garden surrounded by these topiary balls,the atmosphere will be so cosy and sweet. :)
The other application is that you can choose to hang the landscape balls in front of your door or foyer. We could offer the chain so that your clients can hang it directly without assembling. The LED lights can also be offered if you want them shine at night. Any way, outdoor topiary are easy to place. You can put them in anyplace you like. :)
As a manufacturer specialized in the landscape industry, we have professional R & D technical and sales team. We have been pursuing the high quality and developing new products for over 15 years. Recently, we developed the artificial hedges product line and also derived out the landscape balls. All our landscape balls leaves are made by 100% New Fresh PE material which are imported from Singapore. We make them all UV-stable as UV protection is essential for outdoor decoration. We offer 3-5 years of warranty for that. These balls are perfect for garden resell or on large project wholesale.
For more different kinds of leaves shape and color needs, be feel free to visit our website: or contact us directly for bespoke landscape balls creation. Our staff can help recommend best quality products for your markets. For any questions you may have, do not hesitate to ask further help.
  The release date:2017/12/27 12:29:21

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