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Artificial Palm Trees

Artificial Date Palm Tree / artificial tree Decoration tree for indoor and outdoor.

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artificial palm tree
artificial plants

Create your own Oasis from selecting the artificial plants!
Artificial palm trees generally contain foam material elements, timber, steel structure, etc., and is made of polyester fabric, plastic handle, PE coated steel. They do not require special care , with no regional restrictions, for indoor and outdoor use.

Whether it is a Theme Park, Hotel, Restaurant, Marina or your own backyard, Artificial Palm Trees can help you create a lush Oasis instantly.

If you are looking for artificial palm trees, artificial coconut tree,Hawaiian Palm tree tropical palm trees, Tahitian Coconut Palms, tropical plants, artificial plants,artificial trees,artificial flowers,creating a theme in your backyard, creating a green and fresh environment at your theme park, hotel, restaurant or marina, also your house


Enjoy high similarity as the real tree,and do not watering and care
No harm to human or environment.
For decoration at home,garden,restaurant,supermarket,hotel and office.
Styles or sizes are changeable in a certain range.
Can make designs as customers' requests.
Water proof

Palm Trees

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Artificial hedges,Artificial trees,Artificial tall plants,Artificial Vines,Artificial Topiaries,Artificial Bamboo,
Artificial Palm Trees,Artificial Flowers,Artificial Tree leaf,Artificial Flower Tree,Artificial banyan Tree,
Artificial Cycads Trees,Artificial Flower Grass Mats,Artificial grass for sports,Artificial grass for landscape