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faux boxwood hedge on balcony

Faux boxwood hedges, faux English ivy & faux boxwood topiary balls -
outdoor corporate office balcony



UV Rated Artificial Boxwood

uvUnder new management, this historic property went through a multi-million dollar renovation. The main pedestrian entrance and adjoining existing landscape was resurrected with boxwood hedges made of UV Rated material which also served as a functional marketing tool on a grand stage. Artificial exterior UV Rated Boxwood became a true element of design in this landmark project. The versatile uses of artificial hedges components give architects and landscapers a new tool in their design pallet.



Artificial Hedges Catalogue

The artificial hedges is always greener鈥n BOTH sides of the fence!

Turn your ordinary, run of the mill fence or wall into a breathtaking landscape with incredible privacy. Enjoy a stroll in the park鈥攔ight on your patio, yard, or balcony. All the benefits of natural grass and hedges without the headache, withering, upkeep, and hefty cost.

Make landscaping instant and effortless with our artificial hedges.

Choose a stunning design that best matches your property. Or create your own personal custom design.


Artificial Boxwood Privacy Walls
Artificial boxwood with various size and shape. As the pics display, before, this is a swimming pool belong to personal. And they choose artificial boxwood to decorate this place, it is beautiful and useful. Artificial hedges instant results make you have a best privacy garden.
What Customers Think About Fake Fence

Read some of the reviews from satisfied customers that love their ivy fence screens. These people are from all over the world and they are joyful about their new found privacy.

Although Im a passionate gardener and I never buy artificial flowers, I have to say that the artificial boxwood hedges made my landscape look so picturesque. It was the final touch to my living landscape..

I have a roof top garden and deck and the Fakefence hedges blew me away. I had my handyman install them  and Im still receiving compliments. Thanks for this website, it realy helped me.

I ordered 8 rolls of the artifcial hedges and make my home looks gorgeous and I stopped my peeping neighbor, Im so happy. It took me under an hour with my sisters help.

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Artificial Palm Trees,Artificial Flowers,Artificial Tree leaf,Artificial Flower Tree,Artificial banyan Tree,
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