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Artificial Bamboo

artificial plant/decoration artificial tree/artificial craft/imitation tree/plastic tree/plastic plant/artificial bamboo/ lucky bamboo Artificial plants / fake Bamboo tree/natural trunk(Canton Fair participator)

Artificial Bamboo
1.Top grade quality artificial bamboo
2.high imitation artificial bamboo
3.Good for hotel or shopping cen

Artificial bamboo leaves and branches, simulation bamboo products. All products are vivid and lifelike. They are ideal decorations for your hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, shops, room, living room and all places you want to decorate. Artificial bamboo takes advantages of modern technology and is made of fresh bamboos. bamboo bamboo felling comes from the leaves is made of cloth, the overall appearance is completely similar with real bamboo, lifelike form. Bamboo pole is cut down from bamboo forest but the leaves made of cloth. The whole with vivid image is similar to the true one.

artificial bamboo

1) high simulation, looks, touches like real tree
2) good material made, no toxic gas sending forth, environmentally friendly
3) long life- >5 year (indoor), >3 year (outdoor) do not worry about color fade and leaves fall off
4) trees can be placed both indoor and outdoor
5) custom size

Use outdoor artificial bamboo as a lovely alternative to live planting. Convincing in appearance, artificial bamboo clusters are also non-discriminatory when it comes to climate. Insert outdoor artificial bamboo into any landscape, regardless of its proximity to or distance from the equator.

Sunwing offers artificial bamboo clusters, outdoor artificial bamboo sold by the foot, and custom artificial bamboo ordering. In each outdoor artificial bamboo configuration the faux plants are impregnated with an agent for UV protection. This makes each standard or custom artificial bamboo plant, regardless of the order, inherently UV and fade resistant for superior longevity.
Capture the striking appeal of bamboo without the limitations of live planting.
Artificial bamboo clusters capture the exotic nature of live bamboo regardless of where your pin drops on the map. Outdoor artificial bamboo, brought to you is a faux alternative to high maintenance or unattainable live planting.

Tall and fresh looking, our outdoor artificial bamboo looks and acts like the real thing - except for the whole part about needing water or live plant care. Available to purchase by the foot, in pre-determined artificial bamboo clusters, or as custom artificial bamboo configurations, we have the arrangement you need to bring this beloved plant to landscape designs or commercial interiors.

The dark green hue of our artificial bamboo clusters makes each faux plant lifelike and striking in appearance. However authentic they may look, our outdoor artificial bamboo is free from the climate restrictions of their live counterparts. Also, each faux bamboo plant is inherently UV-protected by means of an agent that is impregnated into the resin during creation. Outdoor artificial bamboo from us is resistant to fading from solar rays all on its own: no dangerous and expensive spray-on chemicals required.

bamboo plants
fake bamboo

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